NYC: La Maison Du Macaron

When the macaron hype started several years ago, I had several from random places and didn’t love them. I figured I had to go to a “good place” to really have a solid opinion on them…so I went to Bottega Louie in LA and tried several and then officially decided I didn’t like them-they were crunchy and their fillings were’t as great as I expected them to be. Everything changed when I tried Lette at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and I finally understood the macaron hype and became a big fan and even made some myself, here.  I was only successful in making them once, so usually I just opt for purchasing them at specialty bakeries for macarons. In NYC there’s quite a few french bakeries like Laduree that make you feel like you’re in France for a bit whilst taking a break from running errands in the city. I stopped by La Maison du Macaron in Chelsea a couple weeks ago, and I’d highly recommend it! Their macarons are perfect and the atmosphere inside was very relaxed. It’s a great place to stop by for coffee and dessert with a friend.
They had an assortment of adorable small sized tarts and chocolates.


So many different macaron flavors to choose from!
I got my favorite flavor, Salted Caramel–which was perfect! & my friend opted for their Key Lime Pie flavor which she also loved. The best part about macarons is that they’re small-yet packed with flavor, so you don’t need a whole box to fulfill your dessert craving



I’ll be back, and you should stop by if you’re in the area!


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